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The EASY-ECO Conferences

The EASY-ECO Series comprises seven conferences:

Date Conference Location
23-25 May 2002 Conference "EASY-ECO 1 - Evaluation of Sustainability" Vienna, Austria
15-17 May 2003 Conference "EASY-ECO 2 - Evaluation of Sustainability" Vienna, Austria
15-17 June 2005 Conference "Impact Assessment for a New Europe and Beyond" Manchester, UK
11-14 Oct 2006 Conference "Improving the quality of Sustainable Development Projects" Saarland, Germany
11-14 March 2008 Conference "Governance by Evaluation" Vienna, Austria
16-18 October 2009 Conference "Stakeholder Perspectives in Evaluating Sustainable Development" Budapest, Hungary
17-19 November 2010 Conference "Sustainable Development Evaluations in Europe" Brussels, Belgium

Overall, the conferences aim to build sustainability evaluation capacity and trigger a significant scientific impact. The key purposes of the conferences are:

  • to provide an international scientific platform and networking opportunities for researchers,
  • to facilitate exchanges of experience between leading scientists, practitioners and young researchers,
  • providing practitioners with scientific knowledge and scientists with feedback from its practical application,
  • to start up EASY-ECO and to disseminate its results.


Current Deadlines & Open Applications
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  • There are no open applications - the EASY-ECO series of conferences and trainings has ended!
31 October 2010 Deadline for registration for the EASY-ECO Conference "Sustainable Development Evaluations in Europe: From a Decade of Practices, Politics and Science to Emerging Demands" which will be held on 17-19 November 2010 in Brussels, Belgium.
30 June 2010
12 July 2010
Extended deadline for application for the EASY-ECO Training on Evaluation of Sustainability of Development Assistance Projects and Programs in Prague, Czech Republic (27 Sept - 1 Oct 2010). For further details on the application procedure, please click here!
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