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EASY-ECO Brussels Conference

PDFEASY-ECO Brussels Conference - booklet with abstracts (PDF, 2.1 MB)

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Keynote speakers

Author(s) Title Abstracts & Papers Presentations Speeches Videos
Andrew JORDAN An ever more sustainable Europe? Exploring the governance challenges        
Peter KNOEPFEL Does SD evaluation improve environmental policy?   PDF    
André MARTINUZZI Evaluating Sustainable Development- Communities, Achievements and still a lot of Challenges   PDF    
Thomas WIDMER Evaluation and Sustainability: Immersion or Distortion?        


Parallel sessions

Author(s) Title Papers Presentations Speeches
Camilla ADELLE, Andrew JORDAN, John TURNPENNY Linking Practice and Research: Uncovering complex relationships in policy appraisal PDF PDF  
Andreas ATZL Evaluation standards of OECD export credit agencies: how the world commission on dams influenced decision making for large dam projects PDF PDF  
Sachin Kumar BADKAS Adapting analytical methods for the choice of environmental policy instruments PDF PDF  
Nikolai BOBYLEV A study of the effectiveness of environmental assessment using the analytic network process PDF PDF  
Pierre-Henri BOMBENGER, Jean-Philippe WAAUB Collaborative decision process and impact assessment instruments for a strategy of sustainable urban development: example in a French rural territory      
Janis BRIZGA Sustainable development integration in Latvia's environmental policy PDF PDF  
Pawel BRYLA Sustainable Development Evaluations in Poland PDF PDF  
Adrienn BURUZS, Miklós BULLA Assessing sustainability in regional planning: the role of indicators in measuring the impact of development PDF PDF  
Matthew CASHMORE Institutionalising policy impact assessment: Lessons from international development co-operation   PDF  
Valentina CASTELLANI, Serenella SALA Strategic Environmental Assessment: from consumer behavior to spatial planning PDF PDF  
Simona CRISTIANO, Vincenzo FUCILLI The organization of the on-going evaluation of rural development policy in Italy   PDF  
Anne DU PASQUIER Project Sustainability assessment: Application in Regions and Municipalities (Switzerland)   PDF  
David EDWARDS, Jake MORRIS, Paul TABBUSH Stakeholder Participation in the Development and Use of Sustainability Impact Assessment Tools for European Land Use Policies PDF PDF  
Albert FABER, Floortje ALKEMADE, Marko HEKKERT Success or failure of sustainable transition policies. A framework for evaluation and assesssment of policies in complex systems PDF PDF  
Kristin FAHLBERG Local Climate policy and Scope of Authority (Stockolm)      
Jingjing GAO Comparative study of SEA experiences between EU and China: from the perspective of indicators using PDF PDF  
Ksenia GERASIMOVA Sustainable Development in Russia: Independent Evaluation versus Political Pressure PDF PDF  
Cédric GOSSART The limits of indicators in public policy evaluation: The case of e-waste PDF PDF  
Armelle GOURITIN Seriously weighting sustainable development's environmental pillar: Can the European Court of Human Rights be instrumental? PDF PDF  
Alastair GREIG, Lorenzo BENINI Assessing the Performance of Municipalities: Can there be a stakeholder consensus on indicator selections? PDF PDF  
Consuelo HIDALGO GOMEZ “Towards sustainable public administration”, the contribution of the Spanish Presidency of the Innovative Public Services Group of EUPAN PDF PDF  
Jean HUGE, Tom WAAS Introducing sustainability assessment in a crowded institutional landscape: the case of the Flemish Region of Belgium PDF PDF  
Jean HUGE, Tom WAAS, Aviel VERBRUGGEN Sustainability Assessment and Sustainability Indicators: Conceptual Linkages and Theoretical Clarifications      
Dzvinka KACHUR, P ZAMOSTYAN, Y PRADHANANGH Evaluating Sustainability of Community Development Projects in Ukraine      
Sergiy KRASNOKUTSKYY Multi-stakeholder involvement: the case of evaluation of regional energy-efficiency policies in Ukraine PDF PDF  
Muriel MAILLEFERT, Irene ADAMIDES, Cyril DECOUZON Sustainable development indicators for Industrial Ecology: Methodology proposals and first results PDF PDF  
Tadeu Fabrício MALHEIROS, Carla Grigoletto DUARTE, Heitor Luiz DA COSTA COUTINHO, Ana Paula TURETTA Integrated Sustainability Assessment - case study for the Brazilian ethanol context PDF PDF  
Bob MANTEAW Evaluating Sustainable Development in a Changing Climate: Transboundary Governance Mechanisms PDF PDF  
Karel MULDER Tools for assessing the SD impact of New technology   PDF  
Emilie MUTOMBO Integrated Impact Assessment at the European Commission: a step forward or backward for SD and the environment?   PDF  
Yuriy NESTEROV, Vladyslav KARPENKO Evaluating Sustainability of Rural Development Projects in Context of National Policy for Sustainable Development - application of quasi-experimental approaches in realities of Ukraine   PDF  
Ana Rita NEVES, Vítor LEAL Energy sustainability evaluation framework for municipalities: Difficulties and Challenges PDF PDF  
Aysun OZEN, Gül ÖZEROL Sustainable development evaluations in turkey: what lessons can be taken from the eu practice? PDF PDF  
Aranka PODHORA, Katharina HELMING Research on IA tools - examples for implicit IA research in the 6th and 7th EU Framework Programmes PDF    
Iwona REICHARDT Emerging SD evaluation culture. A case study from a new member state - Poland PDF PDF  
Frieder RUBIK The evaluation of the European eco-label and the outcome of the revision of the European eco-label schemes   PDF  
Petr SAUER, Jaroslav KREUZ Environmental Policy ex-post assessment from the sustainability point of view (Czech Republic)   PDF  
Justin SACKS Whose role is it, anyway?: How do sub-national government procurement managers and their suppliers interpret their roles in implementing SD evaluation recommendations?      
Anethe SANDVE, Linda STROMEI Is Norway prepared for an evaluation of their sustainable tourism policy initiative, or do they only think they are?   PDF  
Marco SCERBO The Strategic Environmental Assessment of port areas: An application of the SEA on the new island port proposed for Salerno PDF PDF  
Giuseppina SICILIANO Multi-scale integrated approaches for evaluating development strategies’ sustainability in rural areas. Case studies from Europe and China PDF PDF  
Benoît SIMON, Julie CHABAUD, Sébastien KEIFF Participatory and governance issues: Does SD evaluation strengthen transparency and participations? Action 21 Plan in Gironde   PDF  
Cristiano SIMONA, Luigi CUNA Governance models in evaluation: Lessons learned from rural development evaluations in Italy      
Marco SPRINGMANN Sustainable development and sinusoidal discounting PDF PDF  
Arn THORBEN SAUER Gender impact assessment integrated in social impacts assessment- the European experiment in sub-ordination PDF PDF  
Valentine VAN GAMEREN Climate change in the European Commission's impact assessments. An evaluation of selected impact assessments reports   PDF  
Elisabeth VAN OVERBEKE, Simon STANDAERT, Bernard DE CAEVEL Sustainability assessment using Life Cycle approach and monetisation   PDF  
Tatiana V. VAKHITOVA Impact assessment tools in planning for sustainable development of culturally significant urban areas PDF PDF  
Levi VERMOTE, Cathy MACHARIS A flexible approach to monitor unsustainable effects of 30 km/h zones: the Goal Oriented Indicator Framework PDF PDF  
Barbara WIELICZKO SD evaluation as a tool for strengthening the EU good governance   PDF  
Bozydar ZIOLKOWSKI Foresight researches in creation of regional innovation policy for sustainable development - evaluation practices in Podkarpacie Province in Poland PDF PDF  


Poster sessions

Author(s) Title Presentations Speeches
Filipa CARLOS Evaluating strategies for the planning of sustainable energy systems at regional/local level PDF  
Aine CONAGHAN Challenges, demand for and perceptions of sustainable tourism certification PDF  
Irena DOKIC Evaluating participaction in brownfields' redevelopment - Case of Croatia PDF  
Emmanuel DUGAN Effective management of multi-stakeholders in sustainable development projects? The case of the SLaM project PDF  
Jaroslav DVORAK Managing evaluation in the New EU member states: scope and significance PDF  
Andreas ENDL, Markus HAMETNER Monitoring the contribution of FP7-funded research to sustainable development    
Marika FERRARI Comparing strategies for Strategic Environmental Assessment of land use plans among Italian regions PDF  
Daniel FISCHER, Malte NACHREINER Multilevel Assessment of the Progression towards a “Culture of Sustainable Consumption” in Educational Organizations PDF  
Anaïs GUERIN CHAPEL Evaluation of the involvement of industrial sites' actors and territorial governance    
Abdul HAMID 3rd Party Evaluation of Forestry Resources: An Evident from Mountainous Area of Pakistan PDF  
Muhammad HUSNAIN Evaluating the success of impact compensation pool in state of North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany PDF  
Yogendra KAYASTHA Evaluation of the development programme in a remotely located district PDF  
Quentin LEROY Sustainable develoment indicators for Fair Trade PDF  
Jason PAPATHANASIOU Environmental information as a challenge to the successful implementation of Environmnetal Impact assessments: the case of Greece PDF  
Naci POLAT A qualitative research for sustainability applications in wellness tourism and a model proposal: afyon province case study PDF  
Csaba PUSZTAI The role of organizational culture and advice relationships in learning for sustainability in local governments: A study on Hungarian municipalities    
Diana SMITH Sustainable development evaluation and public engagement in science and technology: convergence and divergence PDF  
Kathrin RÖDERER Networking to meet future needs: urban recreational areas PDF  
Yuliya VYSTAVNA Evaluation of sustainable water use in Ukraine and EU PDF  


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Introduction Thematic focus Conference outline and venues Key topics Registration & grants Proceedings
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