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EASY-ECO Vienna Conference

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Plenary sessions

Author(s) Title Abstracts & Papers Presentations Speeches Videos
Reiner Grundmann Science and Policy: What do we need to know in order to act? Lessons from Ozone Layer Protection and Climate Change PDF PDF Speeches PDF
Peter Hardi Is there a sustainable future for evaluation: Notes from a guarded optimist   PDF Speeches PDF
André Martinuzzi/
Reinhard Steurer
Knowledge-based Governance for SD: A Typology of Appraisals around the Policy Cycle PDF PDF Speeches PDF
Peter Nijkamp XXQ Factors for Sustainable Urban Development: A systems economics view PDF PDF Speeches PDF
Michael Quinn Patton Utilization-Focused Evaluation Approaches and Learnings for Sustainable Development PDF PDF Speeches PDF
Bob Williams Learning within the unknowable: How Puzzling Our Way Through Can Help Evaluate Sustainable Development PDF PDF Speeches PDF
Rob D. van den Berg Emerging challenges for evaluating global environmental problems   PDF Speeches PDF
Peter Fisch/Peter Nijkamp/Michael Quinn Patton Panel discussion on “Linking evaluation and sustainable development     Speeches PDF
Ingeborg Fiala/Nancy MacPherson/Sophie Purdey Panel discussion on the experiences of commissioning agents of SD evaluations     Speeches PDF


Parallel sessions

(* = currently only the abstract is available)

Author(s) Title Abstracts & Papers Presentations Speeches
Kris Bachus/Daniela Kletzan Evaluating policy coherence: the case of environmentally harmful subsidies PDF* PDFSpeeches
Anja Bauer Assessing the future – how technological impact assessment and strategic environmental assessment deal with the long term PDF* PDF 2
Tom Bauler/Emilie Mutombo/Alessandro Bonifazi Sustainability evaluations in the context of long-term strategizing. Crossing insights from urban development and transition management PDF* PDFSpeeches
Gerald Berger Sustainability impact assessment: Definitions, Approaches and Applications in Europe PDF PDFSpeeches
Alessandro Bonifazi/ Carlo Rega SEA and the tangles of urban governance: Sustainability, democracy and effectiveness PDF PDFSpeeches
Nora Danko What gets lost in the computer? – Putting evaluation findings on sustainability initiatives into context by analysing interviewers’ scribbles on questionnaires PDF PDFSpeeches
Steff Deprez Development of a planning, learning and accountability system for sustainable agriculture chain development in Eastern Indonesia – Outcome Mapping in action PDF PDFSpeeches
Maria-Angeles Diez/Iker Extano Multi-criteria analysis as a potential tool for evaluating nature conservation policy PDF PDFSpeeches
Maria-Angeles Diez/ Beatriz Izquierdo/Eduardo Malagon Evaluation utilization in multi-institutional contexts PDF PDF2
Valentina Dinica/Hans Bressers How to govern for sustainable tourism? An evaluation of the Dutch governance approach to sustainability PDF PDFSpeeches
Anne DuPasquier Sustainability assessment of local projects: Importance of the institutional procedure PDF PDF Speeches
Katharine Farrell Judging Janus: Institutionalising adjudication of the quality of sustainability evaluations and evaluators PDF*   Speeches
Paula Ferreira/Madalena Araujo/ M. E. J. O’Kelly Integrating social concerns into electricity planning PDF PDFSpeeches
Charlotte Fiala Learning from other disciplines: Development studies PDF PDFSpeeches
Viachaslau Filimonau Evaluations of sustainable development (SD) projects and their impact on environmental decision-making in Belarus within the period of 1991-2006 PDF PDF2
Tomek Gabor Assessing intersectoral partnership in the evaluation of common initiative Equal in Poland PDF PDF Speeches
Maia Gachechiladze Potential of strategic environmental assessment follow-up for institutional learning and collaboration: A case of Merseyside Local Transport Plans, UK PDF PDFSpeeches
Andrea Gathy Shortcomings of the evaluation methods in the national strategies for sustainable development PDF PDFSpeeches
Mojca Golobic/Naja Marot Territorial impact assessment: a policy development tool for territorial cohesion PDF PDFSpeeches
Stelios Grafakos/D. Zevgolis/V. Oikonomou Incorporating policy makers’ preferences for ex ante evaluation of energy and climate policy interactions: Development of  a criteria weights integrated elicitation technique PDF PDFSpeeches
Michelle Graymore/Anne Wallis/Anneke Richards Significance of environment in the assessment of sustainable development: The case for South West Victoria PDF PDFSpeeches
Bernhard Hack Evaluating policy coherence for development in Austria: Towards building a measurement tool PDF* PDFSpeeches
Markus Hametner/ Michael Tiroch/Reinhard Steurer Objectives and indicators of sustainable development in Europe: A comparative analysis of European coherence PDF PDFSpeeches
Erik Hedblom/Sara Bandstein Evaluation of management response systems in aid organisations PDF PDFSpeeches
Leon Hermans Towards a framework for sustainable development evaluations in multi-actor systems PDF PDFSpeeches
Esther Hoffmann Interorganisational learning between evaluators and commissioning agents PDF*   Speeches
Karl Hogl/ Ralf Nordbeck/ Michael Pregernig Types and functions of monitoring and evaluation approaches in three Austrian strategies for sustainable development PDF* PDFSpeeches
Richard Hummelbrunner Monitoring and evaluation as elements of strategic governance for cohesion policy PDF PDFSpeeches
Agnieszka Hunka/ Teodora-Alexandra Palarie WFD, institutional infrastructure, decision-making and stakeholders’ participation in water risk management in Poland and Romania PDF PDFSpeeches
Huib Huyse/Jan Van Ongevalle Fulfilling the expectations? The experiences with the M&E part of Outcome Mapping in an education for sustainability project in Zimbabwe PDF PDFSpeeches
Rodrigo Jiliberto The Insure System Mapping Model: A qualitative system model to describe the system of the regional sustainability PDF PDF Speeches
George Julnes Developing policies for government sponsored evaluation: Contextual influences on the adequacy and appropriateness of alternative methodologies PDF PDF Speeches
Ausra Jurkeviciute SEA of structural funds’ operational programmes for 2007-2013 in Romania PDF PDFSpeeches
Jorgen Knudsen Monitoring towards more sustainable energy policies? A comparative assessment of procedures and political impacts in Norway and Sweden PDF PDFSpeeches
Martin Lehmann/ Erik Ørskov Governance by evaluation? The use of environmental assessments in the development of policies and plans in the region of Southern Denmark PDF PDFSpeeches
Keti Medarova Environmental assessments for regional development in Bulgaria – Implications for environmental policy integration PDF PDFSpeeches
Jake Morris/ Valentina Tassone Assessing the sustainability impacts of European policies - stakeholder-based research methods and results PDF PDFSpeeches
Richard Müller Role of local sustainable development strategies in improving access to EU funds: A case study of Nitra district, Slovakia PDF PDFSpeeches
Nora Mzavanadze/Renata Dagiliute Sustainable development in Lithuania: between the governmental agenda and an undiscovered civil society PDF PDF Speeches
Julie Newton/Terry Marsden/ Alex Franklin/Andrea Collins Building sustainable communities: An interrogative model for progressing towards sustainability PDF PDFSpeeches
Måns Nilsson/Göran Finnveden/Oskar Wallgren/Sara Tyskeng/Daniel Jonsson Frameworks and tools for ex post SEA: learning from evaluation and environmental systems analysis PDF*   Speeches
Tomasz Nitkiewicz Current developments in sustainability evaluation in Poland PDF PDFSpeeches
Viktoryia Novikava The challenge of incorporating SEA and EA systems of Belarus: Evaluation of the pilot SEA PDF    
Axel Olearius/ Sally Nicholson/lola Leal Riesco From an audit report to a learning process? The challenge to integrate the environment into the European Community’s development assistance PDF PDFSpeeches
Michael Ornetzeder/Judith Feichtinger Participatory evaluation of sustainability on the local level. Lessons from the Viennese case. PDF PDFSpeeches
Aysun Ozen Whose time is it? A “temporal” approach to evaluation: Time perspective as a dimension of boundary judgements and evaluation PDF PDFSpeeches
Gul Ozerol Evaluation of public participation towards sustainable water management: An institutional perspective PDF PDFSpeeches
Dariusz Pienkowski Evaluators as a part of sustainable development policy PDF PDFSpeeches
Stephen Powell/Joakim Molander Assessment of Outcome Mapping as a tool for evaluating and monitoring support to civil society organisations PDF PDFSpeeches
Reinhold Priewasser/ Karin Krondorfer Process Criteria as indicators of success in the field of local-agenda-21-evaluations PDF PDFSpeeches
Csaba Pusztai Sustainability and learning at the local level of governance: a network approach in assessment PDF*   Speeches
Tim Rayner/ Dave Huitema The institutionalisation of policy evaluation across Europe? A comparative analysis of the climate change issue PDF* PDFSpeeches
Pablo Rodriguez-Bilella Governance and the promotion of a culture of evaluation: the role of the evaluation networks PDF   Speeches
Emma Rowan/George Hutchinson/Alberto Longo/Brendan Murtagh Merging collaborative planning and environmental valuation for eliciting preferences for a national park designation in Northern Ireland PDF PDFSpeeches
Michal Sedlacko Applying institutional theory to the assessment of national strategies for sustainable development PDF* PDFSpeeches
Benoit Simon Use of SEA for 2007-2013 structural funds (ERDF) programmes in France: appropriation by actors and experience feedback PDF PDF Speeches
Gordana Stojanovic Monitoring and evaluation research of energy efficiency policy deployment PDF PDFSpeeches
Eckhard Störmer/Bernhard Truffer/Hans Kastenholz Policy learning by ex-ante evaluation of infrastructure strategies: “Regional Infrastructure Foresight” as participatory strategy learning process PDF PDFSpeeches
Peter Szuppinger/ Julia Schuchmann Evaluation of green public procurement – ideas, plans and methods in the national action plans PDF PDFSpeeches
Mattijs Taanman/Henk Diepenmaat/Eefje Cuppen Reflection for targeted action: The use of transition monitoring in innovation programs PDF PDFSpeeches
Nicola Tollin/ X. Alvarez del Castillo/ Charlotte Book Systems thinking and systems dynamics in evaluation of sustainability: The case study of SYNAPS World PDF PDFSpeeches
Jo Van Assche/ Thomas Block/Filip De Rynck/Herwig Reynaert City monitoring as method for policy learning about urban sustainability? The case of the city monitor for liveable and sustainable Flemish cities 2006 PDF PDFSpeeches
Harald Wilfing/Ulrike Bechtold The role of visualisation within sustainability evaluation approaches PDF PDF Speeches
Michaela Zint “MEERA” – A web-based resource for improving evaluations of education for sustainable development programs PDF PDFSpeeches



Author(s) Title Abstracts & Papers
Janis Brizga/Raimonds Ernsteins Sustainable development strategies and practice: Latvia case evaluation and learning PDF
Eva Csobod/Julia Schuchmann Greening the trade network by sustainable development assessment PDF
Seija Järvi/Anna-Leena Välimäki Peer interview – a method for more reflective evaluation PDF


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Introduction Conference Topic & Call for Papers Local Organizer Venue & Bookings Programme Proceedings
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