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EASY-ECO Szentendre Training

EASY-ECO Concept

Evaluation and impact assessment are playing increasingly important role in all European member states. Most governments have introduced regulatory impact assessment procedures for their own policy-making processes and candidate countries are being encouraged to do the same. Local Agenda 21 initiatives, and private sector corporations’ sustainability reporting and environmental management systems are also increasingly widely used. Many development assistance programmes, as well as the EU’s agricultural and structural funds, are subject to impact assessment or evaluation procedures which can support sector integration, institutional change, reforms, good governance, planning and implementation of sustainable development.

Theme of the Szentendre training

The structure and the content of the EASY-ECO Szentendre training was designed by the international team of the EASY-ECO project from Austria, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Romania, United Kingdom and Canada.

In Hungary, as in other New Member States, impact assessment and sustainability evaluation of national development plans, sustainable development strategies and their implementation and EU projects are highly important due to the urgent need of more sustainable and innovative economic development.

In addition to the core modules of the training three case studies can bring some specific topics, methods, region or country experiences during the afternoon sessions, designed by the case trainers. In the Szentendre training the SEA of the Hungarian Development Plan, the science role in sustainability in international context, a water resource management plan evaluation will connect the general new knowledge to practice.

Introduction Training Theme Target Group & Course Structure Venue & Bookings Getting There Resources
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