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EASY-ECO Brasov Training


BrasovThis training will be held in Brasov, once named Kronstadt, which is the most famous Romanian mountain tourism centre. Situated in the central part of the country, 167 km north of Bucharest, the area is surrounded like a halo by the Carpathians and holds protected flora and fauna, nature reservations, a health spa and ideal conditions for winter sports. But not only the nature is generous in Brasov; the city, firstly mentioned in 1235, has valuable historical patrimony and old cultural traditions where the occidental and the oriental values mixed over the centuries, as a result of the divers ethnical structure of the population and the commercial connections with the entire Europe. The modern life of Brasov still preserves the individual, ethnic and racial diversity as a base for the local multi-culture and the pluralism in religion.


The training is being organised by the National Centre for Sustainable Development (NCSD), an independent Romanian Non Governmental Organization based in Bucharest. The NCSD is reaching stakeholders of sustainable development on every policy decision-making and implementation level, from national government and civil society groups to local public and private partners nation-wide. The NCSD has a privileged vantage point to understand the complex interdependencies of sustainability constraints, inform action and policy coordination.


Accommodation at Cercul Militar

Cercul Militar 3 Cercul Militar 2 Cercul Militar 1

Class rooms at the County Library

Conference Room

Breakfast, almost all lunches and dinners at the restaurant "Sirul Vamii"

sirul 1 sirul 2 sirul 3 sirul 4 sirul 5

Introduction Training Theme Target Group & Course Structure Venue & Bookings Getting There Resources
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